The Great Pool Adventure

in Daily Life  •  June 16, 2016

It began on a rather hot day last summer. We had a pool, a nice above ground pool that we loved. But a friend offered a trade, a very good trade, for his much larger and better pool. So we took the offer. Thomas and Korbin went to the friend’s house and tore down the pool, it was poorly cared for, and packed it up in the truck and on the trailer and brought it home. We stored it as our little pool was still up and working.

Last summer they took down the small pool and put up the frame of the replacement. A storm came and blew it all over after the frame was up. So they worked to put it up again and finally got the liner in. Unfortunately the liner was not good so we needed to order a new one but by this time summer was almost over. So after almost two months of leveling the ground, putting up the large frame, and then finally getting the liner clean enough to put in they discovered it had to be replaced. So we waited until this summer to mess with it.

Well, we ordered the liner then it did nothing but rain all of April and May. They started leveling out the ground again, cleaning out any plants that few up in the pool frame and that took a few days. Then we get the liner in and slowly start filling over three days. Now the liner is in, the pool is full so yesterday we hooked up the filter. In 109 degrees heat, we got the filter installed and let the pool fill up to the point of reaching the filter. Then disaster. The drain cap was missing, the water pouring out of the filter that we were putting in. UGH! So we found the part, it is being sent by Amazon Prime but it says needs extra days to process. I’m hoping it comes sooner than it states given it is on prime, but the pool is effectively kicking our ass again! ha ha

Nothing we do is simple, this is a way of life for us. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and later we will laugh about it. Right now I’m looking at the rising temps and heat index values at 115 degrees and not laughing so much. I think Thomas is ready to set fire to the pool.

I just want to jump in the flipping water!

The Pain In The Butt Pool
If you see this pool be careful it has been known to be an ass.

Mr. Pool