Summer, Pool, Kids OH MY!

in Daily Life  •  July 2, 2016

We are now headed into our second month of summer holiday for the kids. The great pool adventures have turned in to the water logs of days spent outside splashing and playing in the pool. We have thoroughly enjoyed our outside pool time. I’m actually getting a tan, and exercise that makes me feel better and more energized through the days. I can definitely tell the difference when I swim and when I don’t. My pain is less when I’m in the pool for hours moving and swimming than on days I do not swim. So, it’s a win win situation!

I have decorated the backyard with lights for night swimming, pool accessories are a must of course, and Thomas pulled the basketball goal around the back of the pool for more fun. We’ve spent our summer thus far swimming and cooking most dinners out on the grill. I love summertime. Have I mentioned that before? Well if not, or if you just don’t know me that well, summer is my favorite time of the year. Softball games, water, more water, sun and more sun, friends and family gathering on the weekends for outdoor grilling and lawn games. What more could a girl ask for?

I’ve not been very active on social media as of late. I have been very busy! We’ve been spending most of our days outside and while I can take my cell outside and even in the pool, who wants to be on that thing when swimming or relaxing? Not this girl. I have two teenagers at home and I am trying to get them away from the games and phones and more into the pool and playing outside games. So far this has been working. We have been out of the pool a few days, cleaning it and then focusing on cleaning every inch of the house this last week. All work, no play. But we are now having our holiday weekend for Independence day so we will be spending more time outside, if the rain lets up.

Tonight we are going to make our first every drunken watermelon. Placing vodka in a watermelon and mixing it all up. I assume we will be doing the Watermelon Crawl before nights end. Recipe? Of course I will share the recipes in my post later today. I also made a pineapple pie that was very delicious. One of the reasons I love summer, all the outdoor grilling or as we say in Oklahoma BBQ every night! I will put photos and links to each new recipe we have tried in my second post later today. ( I have to go mix up the poor watermelon to make him drunk!)

So have a wonderful and safe weekend, those celebrating Independence day, do so safely and remember why we celebrate.  Thank you to all those men and women who fought for our freedom. My love to all of you.

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