March is Endo Awareness Month

in Daily Life, Health  •  March 2, 2018
  • March is Endometriosis Month. Please take time to share posts about this disease. Chances are someone on your list is fighting this horrible disease. It robs women of so much. It is beyond bad cramps. It can cause infertility, extreme pelvic, lower back, hip and leg pain. Many of us develop secondary diseases such as IC, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, or Fibromyalgia. Treatments used like Lupron can cause major bone, joint and tooth damage. Many doctors do not know the myths from the truth on Endometriosis. Many of us end up educating our doctor on the do’s an don’ts of this disease. Can you imagine going to a Dr and finding you know more about your disease than he/she does? Many of us, myself included, learn about this disease from other ladies and many times too late. I had a hysterectomy in 2013, and was told “You’re cured”. Only to have the pain and disease return months later and another surgery to clear out what the previous doctor left behind. This was less than a year after my first surgery. I developed many secondary diseases that I have had procedures and surgeries for as well. IC is so horrendous. I had two wire leads placed in my lower back down to my sacral nerve, near bladder, to help with the pain and urinary issues. I was awake as a doctor used fluoroscopic xray  to guide needles in my back to my pelvic area near the sacral nerve, then pull them out and go another route to try to get the best placement. This took over an hour to complete, and I was awake and feeling every bit of it. In less than three years I’ve had four major surgeries, one not so major, and 28 procedures that required heavy sedation. Still think it’s just a bad period?
    WE NEED AWARENESS to force Dr’s to educate themselves on what works. We need others to understand it is not just a woman thing, it is a global problem. Your sister, mother, grandmother, cousin, aunt, friend, girlfriend, wife, employee may be suffering. Educate yourself.

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(originally posted to FB March 2016)