I am very new to knitting. I was very happy to find these amazing tutorials on YouTube, link in credits below. I love how she reminds everyone that they will find their own way to hold the needles, their own technique while knitting and so forth.  Most of the tutorials I watched last year when I gave knitting a go were so snobby. “You must do it this way or you are not doing right.” It made me think of the early age school meetings with Cyans teachers. “She does not do thing the way most do, but she has her own unique technique and it works. The outcome is the same the path from A to B is just different.” So with this renewed faith in my ability to do this my way, I picked up those knitting needles, watched this lovely lady on YouTube and produced a perfect practice swatch. I was very proud! So why am I talking about knitting?

Well this had me thinking. If we were all a little less “You must do it this way or you are doing wrong” attitude and just let everyone find their own way of doing things we just might learn a thing or two. Like myself, who does not hold the needles the way others do, I have my own technique, but my outcome is the same. The way Cyan does many things is not the traditional way but her out come in the same. Rather than criticize how others do things, because they are not the way you or society says they should be, celebrate that thing that makes them unique.

I almost gave up on doing something I really wanted to learn because I could not do it exactly the way the knitting snobs said I should. But then I found these amazing tutorials by a woman who says, “Hey, you will find your own way to do this but your outcome will be the same and that’s great!” So I picked up those darn needles, I held them my way, I held the yarn my way, and the outcome a perfectly even stitched swatch of knitted material. So pick up whatever it is that you have been having trouble doing because you did it outside the normal, tell those freaks saying you’re doing it wrong, and enjoy you life doing it the way you do it. That uniqueness of you is the beauty of you.

Have a wonderful day. For my chronic pain readers I am wishing you a less pain day.

Faulted and Flawed

The start of my ear warmer headband.
The start of my ear warmer headband.



Knitting tutorial mentioned above.

Good Knit Kisses