When I was a teen we didn’t have the internet yet. No smart phone, no Facebook, and everyone I had in my life I knew face to face. Things have changed so much since introduction of the world-wide web and smart phone putting technology at our fingertips. So with new powers comes new responsibilities. Having a smart phone myself since the first droid came out, I love the ability to send photos to friends and family. I like social media for making now friends and learning new tricks and tips. I love to text vs phone calls because I can get to it at my convenience. But, deciding to get my daughter a smart phone was a long thought out process. I worried about the ramifications of her having contact with everyone on the internet, but more so everyone on the internet having contact with her. She was young, 11 years old when we gave her a cellphone. Mostly for the ability to be in touch with her at anytime I needed. We talked about not talking to strangers and not giving out her phone number. I told her online contacts are not allowed if she didn’t know them in person first and I approved.

Now she is 15 years old with her own smart phone and very responsible with her actions. I know this because I have access to everything she does on her phone. I do not allow third-party chatting apps, and I check the phone frequently. A violation of her privacy? No, she’s my child, a minor child and therefore she does not have any privacy. Now, she is a wonderful young lady and I really do not have to worry too much. I am a lucky parent, so far. But I hear others talking about their teens sending risky photos over the phone to guys on snapchat and other 3rd party apps. Children sending nudes or almost nude photos is never okay. NEVER.

So to you young ladies out there that may be doing this, have done this or are thinking of doing so. DO NOT. Look, you take how many selfies before you finally share them on instagram or Facebook? Because you want the best shot possible, how dare anyone see a “bad” photo of you on social media or in a text? Well, think about this. You know that friend that told you a secret, asked you to keep it and you screenshot the text conversation and shared it with your closest friend(s)? It’s okay right, because that girl will never know what you did. After all, this was you bestie you shared this with and they won’t tell anyone! Okay now look at it this way. You send your nude or almost nude photo to your boyfriend, crush or online guy friend who asked for one. Now much like you sharing  with your closest friends, he shares it with his closest friends.  It’s okay because you will “never know it was seen by others.” Now let me explain something to you about boys. They generally have more than one guy on their list of “close friends”. They usually run in  packs and share in a pack. So now not only has the boy seen your pic, his best friend and now his group of friends have all seen you naked or almost naked. They have all critiqued your body in all it’s nakedness.

Now you would not let a bad photo leak out on social media or to be shared with others, not even your best friend. So why on earth would you send a completely naked photo or partly naked photo to a boy who will be sharing it with others. Many end up on websites for many strangers to see. So when you go shopping with your mom at the store the boys or even MEN, yes grown men, can look at you and they have seen you naked. Was it worth it? Was it worth having everyone know how you look nude? Was it worth it to get that boy to “like” you more? Absolutely not. Look, there will come a time when you will love a guy, and he will love you back. Not because you sent him sexy pictures of yourself, but for so much more. You think you need that attention, you do not. IF the only way to get his attention is to send him photos that appeal to his sexual needs then you need to work on yourself a lot more. You’re worth more than this. Do not give a boy  power over you. Yes power. What do you think will happen when you break up? Those photos of are getting shared with everyone on the “My naked Ex” sites. They can blackmail you, do this or I’m going to show people your photos.

Think long and hard before you send those types of texts or photos. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is private once it is on your phone. “I won’t show anyone if you show me your nude pics.” is the second biggest lie you are told online. The first is “Yes I read the terms and conditions.” Think girls before it’s too late and you have ruined your life. What is on the internet never goes away. You are worth more than your body. If your body is all you have to offer it is time to do a little soul-searching and find the stuff that really matters and makes you worth effort and time.