Fighting with Insurance

in Health  •  April 16, 2018


You pay your insurance premium each month. You go to the doctor and he writes a rx for a needed medication. Insurance denies it saying he must pick from a predetermined list of medications they want to cover. None of the medications on that list have worked. This medication is better suited for you. But you are not allowed to take this because they do not have a standing contract with that company.

Instead they want you to take the injection that causes an allergic reaction, itching all over, allergy induced asthma and 8 cm by 6 cm welts that burn so badly they wake you in the middle of the night. So they give you 5 more rx to take to help lessen the pain, itching and breathing complications created by said medication. All because they don’t have a prior agreement with this company.

I’m sorry, did the insurance go to medical school and become a rheumatologist? Why do they get to decide the best course of treatment for a disease that left unchecked will destroy my body? Beyond frustrated and so damned tired of everything to do with diseases.

Off to inject myself and deal with the aftermath,
Seriously Worn Out Fighter