Endometriosis Awareness

in Health  •  March 8, 2017

I originally wrote this last year on FB.

Endometriosis changes you, emotionally, mentally, and physically. But, you have the ability to take control of your life, it may take you a little longer to complete daily tasks. You may have “endo belly” and look a bit pregnant, but you can still wear that cute outfit and feel good about yourself. You can take a moment to cry, scream, and be angry, but only a moment before you pick yourself up and remember you are a warrior. You may have to count your spoons, and do your best to make them last, but know there are people around you to help when you run out. I will always lend you one or all of mine. So, I may take longer to get to where I’m going, but I will get there. I may not be able to run those marathons, but I can be at the finish line and shed tears of joy at your ability to cross the line. I may forget things now and then, but I know someone will be there to remind me. Endometriosis is not the end of me, or the end of you. It simply means we, you and I together, must fight a little harder to wake up, a little harder to do our daily chores, but it also means we will never take anything or anyone for granted in our lives.

We are fighters, warriors, not just those of us with Endometriosis, but those with any chronic illness. Stand beside us and fight with us.

An Endo Warrior