The Story

The Jittery Owl started as a late night discussion of love for coffee and owls. Trying to find a name I was happy with for my bracelets. The Jittery Owl was hatched late at night after having too much coffee and watching owls waiting for babies to hatch. Two great minds, caffeine and the brand name hatched into a Jittery Owl sipping his beloved coffee!
The very first drawing of The Jittery Owl by Scott Sechrest

I make bracelets, leather and beaded, in all colors and styles. I started my hobby as a way to distract myself from the pain of endometriosis. I make awareness bracelets in any color you wish and welcome custom orders. Have a favorite color? A team you root for and want something special to wear in support? Want to support a loved one or even yourself with awareness colors? See a bracelet you love but want in a different color? Simply send me a message and I will brew some coffee and start creating for you.